Search Voter list by Mobile, Ceoandhra new Mobile app

Ceoandhra new Mobile app Search Voter list and SMS based Voter search facility…
CEOANDHRA on Wednesday releases new Mobile app for SMS based Voter search facility for voters in Andhra Pradesh. By using advantage of the mobile communication and technology, the election authorities, CEO Andhra Pradesh have developed mobile applications for voters to check their names in voters’ lists and get polling station details.

Search Voter list

new Mobile app

Search Voter list

Ceoandhra has been developed a Mobile application for Search Voter list, this Android application for searching a person’s name in voters’ lists has been developed to help people check if their names have already been enrolled in voters’ lists. The new mobile application can be downloaded from the website or and Search Voter list app installed in any smart phone loaded with an Android operating system.

Ceoandhra has been also developed an SMS-based search facility. Irrespective of the operating system in the phone, any voter can send an SMS to the mobile number, 9246280027, with his EPIC Card number or voter identification card to check their names in voters’ lists and get polling station details. After sending the Voter ID card number through SMS, the voter will get an SMS reply to his mobile number with the details of the elector and polling station.
The last date for submission of applications for new voter registration or corrections is December 17. Download Ceoandhra new Mobile app – Search Your Name In Voterlist-Download Mobile App.

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