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CSAB to announce JEE Main rank, CSAB allots seats for admissions…
CSAB to will announce JEE Main rank list on 1st July. CSAB allots seats for engineering admissions into National Institutes of Technology (NITs), IIITs, Centrally Funded Technical Institutes and Self financed Technical Institutes for the academic year 2013-14. JEE Main 2013 rank list and counselling options entry at website.


JEE Main Rank – Download***CBSE and CSAB are two different and independent boards. CBSE conducted JEE (Main) examination and published the merit list. CSAB only uses the merit list published by CBSE for seat allocation purposes. JEE Main counselling begin from July 1st. Admissions to these engineering colleges are mainly based on JEE Main Rank all India list released by the CSAB.


CSAB JEE Main Counseling Procedure: Candidates to have registered for seat selection at CSAB website Seat allotment is based on JEE Main 2013 rank list. Registration for first and second round in CSAB website for seat selection begins from July 01. CSAB Registration for Spot and Extra Spot round in CSAB website for seat selection begins from July 17.
The entire CSAB seat allocation process comprises of four steps:
Step 1. CSAB Online registration: In this process, candidates eligible for central seat allocation should register themselves for online seat allocation in the CSAB website during July 01-05, from places convenient to them. Spot Round and Extra Spot Round registrations can only be done during July 17-20.
Step 2. Online choice filling and locking of choices: After registration during July 01-05, candidates will be able to exercise their choices of branch and institute on the CSAB website using Internet during July 01-08, from places convenient to them. Candidates can lock their choices during July 06-08, 2013 and must lock the choices latest by 05:00 PM of July 08, from any place.
Step 3. Declaration of Seat Allocation and Document verification: Candidates will be offered seats based on their choices in the order of merit (JEE (Main) All India Rank) over two rounds of allocation. Candidates who are allocated a seat will report to any one of the ‘Reporting Centers’ during the time frames specified, get the documents verified and pay the initial fee to mark their acceptance of the offer of seat. They will also be issued a provisional admission letter.
Step 4. Getting Admitted to Allocated Institute: Candidates are required to be physically present at the Institute where the candidate is getting admitted (herein after called ‘Allocated Institute’) after verification of all original documents as per the procedure of the allocated institute.
Important dates for CSAB:
  1. Release of JEE (Main) All India Ranks by CBSE -July 01
  2. Registration for CSAB-2013 [after release of JEE (Main) AIR ] – July 01 – 05,
  3. Choice Filling for CSAB-2013 (after registration only) – July 01 – 08,
  4. Choice Locking by the candidates – July 06 – 08,
  5. Display of Seat Allocation Results for the First Round – July 09
  6. Reporting at Reporting Centers – July 09 – 12,
  7. Display of Seat Allocation Results for the Second Round including seat upgradation of first round provisionally admitted candidates – July 13,
  8. Document Verification at Reporting Centers (for fresh allotees of the Second Round)- July 13 – 16,
  9. Last date of withdrawal by the provisionally admitted candidates (withdrawals can be done only at reporting centers) – July 16,
  10. Display of Seat Allocation Results after seat upgradaton (if any) for both first and second round provisionally admitted candidates (no withdrawals are allowed) – July 17,
  11. Display of vacancy positions for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round – July 17
  12. Registration, choice filling, fee payment and locking of choices for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round for vacant seats. Locking of choices at RCs only. – July 17 – 20,
  13. Display of seat allocation results for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round – July 21,
  14. Admission and reporting at allocated institutes – July 22 – 26,

ONLINE Registration of CSAB will after release of JEE (Main) AIR from CBSE. Filling up the choices is only after registration only. Vacancy position is to be displayed on CSAB website for Spot Round and Extra Spot Round on 17 July.

  • List of Participating Institutes in CSAB  – Download
  • CSAB tentative seat allocation schedule – Download
  • Central Seat Allocation Board Information Brochure – Download

All eligible candidates must register online during July 01-05, on the CSAB website Visit website for registration.

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