Epass renewal 2015 for scholarships @ MeeSeva from Sep 2015

Enroll Epass renewal in Mee Seva for scholarships by paying 25 Rupees only…
Epass renewal 2015 will begin from 1 Sep for post matric scholarships and tuition fee reimbursement for the academic year 2015-16. The Students, who applying for epass post matric scholarships and fee reimbursement can renewal through Mee Seva Centers from Sep 1. Aadhaar number must to epass renewal 2015.

The AP cabinet sub-committee on epass student fee reimbursement decided that Mee Seva counters would accept fresh as well as renewal of Scholarships applications. They also fix Epass fresh application 2015 fee at a nominal rate of Rs.35 and renewal of scholarships applications fee only Rs.25 respectively to reduce the burden.


Epass renewal is possible at Home or Internet centers too. If you are trying to renewal epass scholarship from Home or Internet center, sometimes it giving problems in getting Password to Your Mobile. In that cases go to nearest Meeseva or eSeva or AP online Centers For Registering With out Password.
Up to now epass fresh as well as renewal of scholarships applications open in web, internet center charging highly 100 to 200 rupees from students for scanning of documents and print application. Epass fresh as well as renewal of scholarships application submission at a nominal rate of Rs.35 and Rs.25 respectively is really good news to epass applying students.
The cabinet sub-committee is also reviewing the guidelines for the post matric scholarships. The students applying for post matric scholarships should go for Aadhaar linkage for the monthly disbursement of scholarships. At present Students Post matric ranging from Rs.525 to Rs.1200 a month for various courses.
The cabinet sub-committee is decides to continue the same guidelines as of last academic year would continue for the epass fee reimbursement. In Addition they decided to extend epass fee reimbursement scheme to students with two year gap after the qualifying examination subject to prescribed age limit.
The fee reimbursement scheme SC, ST students’ parental income level extended to 2.5 lakhs. They would get the scholarships even if they pursued courses in recognized 224 institutions outside the State.
Aadhaar compulsory to Epass post matric scholarships and fee reimbursement
Now, the Students without Aadhaar linkage have to wait for some more for getting epass scholarship amount. The verification process to no Aadhaar students would take time definitely. But majority of students already obtaining Aadhaar linkage, the disbursement of scholarships is expected to be faster in this academic year.
Epass renewals 2015 for post matric scholarships and fee reimbursement registration is starts from 1 Sep at www.sbms.ap.gov.in and http://epass.cgg.gov.in websites and Mee seva centers.

29 thoughts on “Epass renewal 2015 for scholarships @ MeeSeva from Sep 2015

  1. i didnt receive my adhar card….i checked the status too…..its giving "your eid is still not available with us" what to do…??? will i get my reimbursement???show me way….

  2. i sir due to bundh i cant get my bank account still nw so plz extend the time

    • don't wait up to last date try to apply as soon as possiable .probable it is Sep.15th 2013 it may get extend

  3. After confirming details i am not getting HIGH SECURITY PASSWORD to my mobile or email. what to do? Is it compulsary to apply scholarship renewal from mee seva centers only?

  4. I am not getting HIGH SECURITY PASSWORD to my mobile after confirming details……….
    please help me out…………

  5. nenu central government lo inter 1st year schlshp apply chesanu adi ippudu daka rala.nenu ippudu 2nd year.renewal cheyala?plz help me….

  6. hai.I got high security password to my mobile.but unfortunately it was deleted.please tell me will this password be useful in future.i dont remember it know.what to do.please help…

  7. i lost my mbbs 1st year memo and am a reffered student ,i wrote my 2nd year exams on august 2013,how can i renewal my scholarship.plz reply me sir.

  8. I am not getting HIGH SECURITY PASSWORD to my mobile after confirming details……….

    nenu meeseva center velyanu about meeseva center lo information teliyau how to apply…. last year nenu no any tension i apply my schlorship. but this is year how to apply my schlorship. internet centers taking Rs.100/- is work doing well. You save me Rs.100/- but i lose my schlorship …. so please solve this problem.

  9. Meeseva Centers lo process Teleyadu Antunnaru Sir, so who to apply my scholorship. Mere Rs.100 Save Cheyadaniki schlorship Meeseva apply cheyali but no one can response. So Internet Centers in my nearest Add: every year i shall apply my schlorship perfectly but this year is too bad take too much time waste. NO one can Educate in Meeseva Centers so who to apply schlorship. Tell Me ? Sir.

  10. i am not getting the highly secure password to my mobile after conformation plz help me

  11. even I 2 dint get password. if ny 1 who find solution 4 dis plz post d process dat u hav done

  12. Ever1 facing same problem… Doesnot recieves high security password.
    Iam also facing same problem.
    Anybody…. Please help.

  13. i applied for scholarship renewal at meeseva center but after uploading the scanned photos . it is showing that security code is incorrect please anybody help me.
    please reply

  14. iam not get my adhar card. i checked status also it says youradhar num is under generation what can i do help me

  15. sir due to bandh and dont know how to apply i cannot upload certificates so please extend dates of renewal

  16. sir am studying degree 2nd year.1st year lo scholarship successful ga apply chesanu.2nd year renewal kuda Epass lo apply chesanu kani AP onlinelone apply cheyali okavela rakapothe nannadagaddu ani ma clg lo madam antunnaru.naku rpl ivvandi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz epass lo renewal k na? scolarship vasthunda?

  17. hello,I didn't got my adhar card. i checked status also it says your adhar num is under generation what can i do? help me please………..

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